Cathrine Constantacos

Wake Forest University Baptist Health

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Wake Forest University Baptist Health


Pediatric Endocrinology fascinates me. I enjoy finding solutions or reassuring families and patients about the problems or concerns that they have while creating strong relationships. 

I have a special interest in adrenal disorders and in particular adrenal suppression from chronic steroid use that has led to the creation of an Adrenal program for screening and management of adrenal suppression.
I also have a special interest in quality improvement with the aim to create solutions to optimize patient care and provider work satisfaction.
Through the teaching of our trainees, by organizing the knowledge and invaluable resources on the PES website, by producing patient newsletters, and by seeking participation in open-minded collaborations, I aspire to encourage many to follow, to contribute to, and to strengthen the visibility of the field of Pediatric Endocrinology.

In my free time, I enjoy decompressing through creative outlets such as visual arts, cycling, portrait photography, and downtime with my husband and our three children, and friends.